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Welcome to our Website

ADVANCED GLOW SKIN CARE is the ultimate skin care for women. We understand and know the SKIN in a very thorough and professional level that : The skin is an amazing, versatile organ that is truly holistic and it makes sense to start caring for your skin where it starts: deep below the surface.

Basically your skin is comprised of three main strata, though the surface may have anywhere from 50 - 100 individual cell layers. These are as follows:

The hypodermis is the deepest section of the skin. It is composed of subcutaneous fat tissue that serves two functions: insulation and padding; and the storage of nutrients and energy. The amount of tissue in this layer varies from person to person but tends to thin with age. It is metabolically active, like other fat tissue, and responds to hormonal and metabolic fluctuations.

The dermis is the middle section of skin, and this is where most of the action takes place. A beauty product needs to penetrate through the surface to this layer to do any good - and ours do, even though most do not. ..... [Read More]